Friday, March 6, 2015

On Magic (Magick)

The magic we know is simply a matter of fooling people, through misdirection and the adept handling of materials. In effect our magic amounts to illusion and trickery. A matter of sleight of hand.

In contrast in any existence where magic as magic works, it has an effect. Not just a psychological effect, but a physical one. Following the lead of the late E. Gary Gygax I have decided to spell the word as "magick" to differentiate it from the stage magic that we know.

For my purposes I have decided to describe magick as; the ability to affect the world through the application of will. In a sense, wanting to create an effect through desiring it is pretty much how I see magick working.

But, always remember that there is more to the story. Probably the most important consideration is just how magick can be enacted, and that we'll consider in our next post on the subject.

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